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SWISS PREMIUM INVESTMENT AG is subordinated to the SRO PolyAsset, the approved canons of professional ethics by the FINMA. These define standards, which we are to comply with when exercising our activities.
Main points of the Code include:

  • Obligation to complete a written asset management agreement.
  • Duty to safeguard independence and to avoid conflict of interest.
  • Duty of loyalty, due diligence, information
  • Obligation of accountability according to the recognized principles of the industry.

Compliance with the obligations assumed by the asset manager is monitored annually.

You can find the Rules of Conduct here.

Board of control:

PolyReg; SRO: Kontrollstelle für Finanzintermediäre
Allg. Selbstregulierungs-Verein
Florastrasse 44
8008 Zurich
T: +41 43 488 52 80
F: +41 43 499 80 56