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Multi Family Office

Swiss Premium Investment AG was founded in 2004 by the Gauro family, whose eventful history is closely linked to the histories of Central Europe and the Middle East. Throughout centuries, and particularly in recent decades, complex asset structures and family associations having the most diverse requirements were thereby established.

Since that time, we have considered it our legacy to manage both tangible and non-tangible possessions, build bridges between family members and to continuously discover innovative solutions to give assets structure and drive their growth.
Today we not only still feel strongly connected to our family tradition and our Christian values, we live by these principles and share them with our team and our environment. Communicating with all people on eye level along with the pursuit to create long-term and productive partnerships above short-term profit maximisation are just some of the cornerstones that we uphold in our daily activities.

Swiss Premium Investment is more than just another asset manager offering project and risk management. Our perception of Multi Family Office is intended to give integrated and discreet support in all administrative matters, to provide control and security for your family today and in the future.

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What we do for you

Assets, Taxes & Legal
With our experts in the sectors operative asset management, tax consultancy and legal, we coordinate the sensitive areas of your company and family structure and support you in decision-making processes as well as in tough negotiations. In special cases, we call in external consultants, who are experts in their disciplines.

Stabilisation, Structuring & Preservation
Our Multi Family Office is your designated and dynamic staff, which only reports to you or the asset holders. As a result, we are able to take the necessary measures from an objective and thus independent perspective. The quality of your facilities and the general condition of your corporate network consequently receive the highest degree of commitment to achieve successive configuration for the protection of your assets.

Innovation, Philanthropy & Family History
The continuation of a corporate or family dynasty requires innovative spirit. Guiding principles and processes must be renewed and updated to fit to the current times. We illuminate all aspects for you and analyse which solutions match your ethical beliefs and values, enabling you to make the optimal decision for future generations and the necessary transitions .
Optimising asset diversification is a frequent option in order to responsibly set the course in relevance to taxes and legal issues.

Consultancy, Management, Administration, Risk Management, Legal and Tax, Compliance, Reporting Liquidity Management Philanthropy & Charity Innovations & Projects by Family Members Support & Concierge Services Management of Movable Assets Property Management Management of the Company Portfolio Asset Management U s e / T r a n s f e r o f A s s e t s Asset Preservation Financial Assets & Financial Services Tangible Assets & Tangible Services

Listening & Understanding
Our management and entire team are available to personally assist you from the very beginning. We take the time to understand your concerns and conduct analyses. Due to the bundled knowledge within our company and throughout our global network, we develop practical, long-term solutions in all sectors – concisely compiled for you in informative, highly topical reports.

Contact us at any time – your family has our undivided attention!