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Move the capital market with expertise from Swiss Premium Investment. Our clients with an institutional background know what is crucial in the capital market. Our tailor-made products and services assist companies and industrial operations, public institutions or organisations as well as municipalities or cantons with implementation. We analyse for you and you determine the necessary measure of interaction for achieving your success and your planned objectives.

We also offer a wide range of interesting solutions to qualified institutional customers, like banks, insurance and retirement institutions or foundations and pension funds, to generate and maintain stable and predictable income.

Swiss Premium Investment is your equal partner and solution-finder for your issues requiring sound market expertise. Our experienced in-house specialists provide you with individual support or can draw on a global network of experts in complex situations.

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«Safety through knowledge.»

Fund Management

Your portfolio offers unforeseen opportunities as well as some hidden risks. Our experts present these to you, analyse, plan and configure the best possible solution for you – and for long-term and sustainably positive performance.

Your personal portfolio manager accompanies you every step of the way and provides you with transparency. By realistically evaluating the willingness to take risks and risk assets, we enable optimal alignment of your investment volume.

We will also be happy to advise you on initiating special or mutual funds and can take on coordination and management upon request.

Customising Investment Processes

Our fund management is solution-oriented – our process developers and investment consultants cooperate with you closely from analysis on to concept, right up to the launch. Our methods are individually developed in regard to your product or your targets. In cooperation with leading regulatory authorities and in compliance with the currently applicable regulations, we are able to implement flawless investment processes.

Right from the start, Swiss Premium Investment offers you comprehensive service in cooperation with international specialists:

  • Risk Identification
  • Risk Analysis
  • Monitoring
  • Controlling

Asset Allocation and Stress Tests

The capital market is subject to strong dynamics, which are influenced by a variety of – usually foreseeable – factors. But every once in a while there is an exception. While your investors have increasingly higher expectations on you, as the initiator you are subject to complex regulatory provisions. In order to confront this area of conflict, we find well-balanced investment diversification in portfolio structuring for institutional investors, in order to maintain reliable and consistent growth and lead both investors and boards to their success.

We have state-of-the-art technology systems, which allow us to perform a variety of stress tests to safeguard your investment capital. These are essential in order to test the impacts of market dynamics in theory. Stress tests also play a key role in regard to liability.
Our process developers are also able to perform tests across all banks and investment companies, in order to prevent overlapping of institutional investments for mandates within the organisation.


Institutional clients bear great responsibility toward investors, regardless of whether the capital invested originates from corporate, private or public sources. The question of liability can be quite complex in individual cases. It is therefore recommended to perform a precautionary analysis regarding liability.

Swiss Premium Investment can analyse the critical factors from legally recognised and established experts for foundation councils, or asset managers – this makes it possible to prevent risks in advance.

Solutions for institutionals - Swiss Premium Investment


The profit lies in procurement – our experts are available to implement optimisations in all areas for our institutional customers. There is usually great potential in the optimisation of financing costs or loans. We help you to find the right bank for your project and, as a result, can begin the optimisation process.
In order to create the best conditions for our clients, we take advantage of the same mechanisms, which are also applied by prestigious banks.