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There is no advising taking place on this website regarding possible investments, capital assets, tax or legal arrangements, any consequences thereof, etc. The content of this website can in no way substitute professional advice. The information contained on this internet site does not constitute an offer to a contract. It also does not represent recommendations to buy or sell any of the shown products on this websites or any other related products. The information also cannot serve as a basis for investment decisions, which can of course be made exclusively only after appropriate counselling regarding risk, return, liquidity, investment horizon and other criteria, such as the focus on individual situation and the specific needs has taken place.

Information on performance, value and other parameters of the past never allow a conclusion on the profitability or value development for the future. Such data is not suitable for forecasting the future. Investment assets are subject to a not absolutely quantifiable market risk, regardless of risk diversification. Rates can not only rise, but also fall, and can have a negative value development due to changing prices of shares, bonds or financial instruments, currency fluctuations, changes in the respective interest rates, amendment of tax law provisions, and other risks. The customer can get back more or less than the original amount that was invested. Due to the individual nature of investments and investment styles, they are suitable for long- and medium term investments under the controlling of individual risks of individual bonds.

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Brochures and information on investment funds can be requested or downloaded from the homepage by the visitor. The selection of the investments described on these pages is restricted by law in certain jurisdictions. Persons who are subject to the jurisdiction of such territories have to get informed on their own about such restrictions and comply with them fully.